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  1. Lucas Sawmill for sale $8,000.00 VIC
  2. 3m cube Karri Green sawn Timber Western Australia
  3. FOR SALE:QLD Split fence posts
  4. PLEASE READ THIS before making a NEW For Sale Post
  5. timber sale WA
  6. FOR SALE:NSW Pack of Hoop Pine slabs $1250 - Dorrigo
  7. FOR SALE:VIC western red cedar posts
  8. FOR SALE:NSW Giant camphour slabs
  9. FOR SALE:NSW 200 x 50 Blackwood
  10. FOR SALE:QLD Heaps of MDF offcuts, free or next to nothing
  11. FOR SALE:VIC Turning wood
  12. FOR SALE:QLD Monto - Crow's ash, Ironbark, Spotted gum
  13. FOR SALE:VIC Lucas Mill
  14. FOR SALE:QLD Silky oak for sale
  15. Timber To Give Away
  16. FOR SALE:QLD Oregon timber for sale
  17. FOR SALE:VIC Houn Pine
  18. More timber pallets
  19. FOR SALE:NSW Red Cedar Tree, it's gotta go!!!
  20. FOR SALE:VIC Huon Pine Log Sections
  21. FOR SALE:VIC mahogany 4x4 dressed
  22. FOR SALE:NSW Seasoned Turpinetine wharf timber for sale
  24. FOR SALE:NSW Solomon Island White Beech
  25. FOR SALE:QLD I've got a lovely bunch of coconut....
  26. DONE: Where is this thread?
  27. FOR SALE:NSW Recycled Timber
  28. SOLD: JARRAH 140X32 darHAVE
  29. FOR SALE:QLD Lucas mill
  30. FOR SALE:TAS Myrtle slab
  31. Recycled oregon
  32. FOR SALE:ACT red gum burl forsale
  33. FOR SALE:QLD Red gum slabs
  34. FOR SALE:QLD Pen blanks for sale
  35. FOR SALE:QLD swamp cypres
  36. SOLD: Jarrah burls and table legs
  37. Banksia wood
  38. SOLD: Jarrah Posts
  39. SOLD: Fiddleback Master-Grade Blackwood Blank
  40. Timber Slabs
  41. FOR SALE:VIC Tasmanian Timber: bits and pieces
  42. FOR SALE:QLD Genuine White Ebony
  43. FOR SALE:TAS AAA Fiddleback Blackwood 4"x4"x24"
  44. SOLD: WA Kauri Pine - Lorne
  45. camphor slab
  46. Brown Pine & Fishtail Oak
  47. SOLD: Quilted Tasmanian Myrtle Blank
  48. SOLD: Qld Walnut in Brisbane
  49. SOLD: VICTORIA Latrobe Valley.Mixed Lot of Timber
  50. FOR SALE:NSW 4 Pen Blank Lots, Huon, Mertle, Walnut etc
  51. FOR SALE:VIC Skip tooth slabbing chain 190 links
  52. Slab needed-Can any1 help me?
  53. FOR SALE:NSW SYDNEY Greenwich MOVING SALE. Rosewood, Blackbutt, red cedar, more
  54. woodwiz to do slab in Hunter region
  55. FOR SALE:QLD Shed Clear out- Timber to Suit many tastes.
  56. silky oak, new guinea rosewood, kwila,honduran mahogany
  57. Tasmania: Swap veneer for firewood
  58. FOR SALE:SA Chunk of red gum
  59. SOLD: Red/Grey Ironbark
  60. FOR SALE:NSW 7/12 x 6 inch kauri pine posts (6) 1.7m
  61. FOR SALE:WA Marine ply 1"
  62. SOLD: Fiddleback Blackwood Pen Blanks
  63. waddi wood
  64. FOR SALE:WA Seasoned Jarrah
  65. FOR SALE:QLD Spotted gum and pine slabs
  66. SOLD: Eight Boards of Yellow Box
  67. FOR SALE:ACT Four Boards of Assorted Vic/Mountain Old Growth Ash
  68. FOR SALE:NSW it`s all goin
  69. FOR SALE:NSW Red gum slabs.
  70. FOR SALE:NSW It`s all goin picture show
  71. FOR SALE:NSW It`s all goin
  72. Turning Blanks for making Baseball Bats
  73. FOR SALE:WA jarrah and marri
  74. FOR SALE:WA Rosewood
  75. FOR SALE:NSW Veneer off cuts
  76. FOR SALE:NSW Sicamore and Blackwood flitches in Sydney.
  77. Hardwood
  78. Untreated Hardwood Sleepers
  79. FOR SALE:QLD Huon Pine Pen Blanks
  80. Bamboo for Pan Pipes
  81. FOR SALE:VIC Racking Sticks
  82. Silky oak trees
  83. Spanish CEDAR - Cedrela odorata
  84. WANTED Figured Australian Blackwood
  85. FOR SALE:NSW Backyard sale Greenwich...last 2: rosewood and Qld walnut
  86. FOR SALE:NSW red cedar and rosewood, shedloads
  87. FOR SALE:VIC Baltic pine floorboards - used, St Kilda
  88. FOR SALE:QLD Purpleheart
  89. FOR SALE:NSW Stirlo is selling his TIMBER and PEN BLANKS! "prices cut"
  90. AND ALL STATES, Premium Sheoak
  91. FOR SALE:VIC Heavy Wharf / Jetty Timber
  92. Red Cedar supplier Canberra region
  93. English Walnut
  94. SOLD: Assorted Wood
  95. Slab: 2050 x 455 x 30 min
  96. FOR SALE:QLD Sliding Compound Saw
  97. FOR SALE:QLD Oregon , hoop , silky oak sellout brisbane/redcliffe
  98. Oregon Beams
  99. DONE: sawmilling
  100. SOLD: RED GUM SLAB For Sale
  101. SOLD: Lucas mill planing disc
  102. Wanted: small seasoned slabs
  103. SOLD: Queen Ebony
  104. SOLD: logosol mill in good condition $1000 ono
  105. FOR SALE:NSW Lucas Mill for sale- central north west nsw
  106. SOLD: Melbourne, Chadstone, Reclaimed Baltic Pine Floorboards
  107. FOR SALE:QLD white beech timber
  108. Walnut from Tas or mainland Aust
  109. Crows Ash Flooring
  110. FOR SALE:QLD Western Queensland Hardwoods
  111. FOR SALE:QLD bulk timber lot
  112. FOR SALE:VIC Lace Bobbin Blanks
  113. Bricey
  114. FOR SALE:VIC Otway Air Dried Blackwood
  115. FOR SALE:QLD Northern Silky Oak
  116. Red Cedar Slabs For Sale
  117. FOR SALE:NSW Hardwood Fence Posts New
  118. PERTH : Wood wanted
  119. FOR SALE:NSW Cedar Veneer
  120. Wanted: English Oak
  121. FOR SALE:VIC baltic pine floorboards
  122. FOR SALE:VIC 300 pieces Melamine Boards for sale
  123. SOLD: Lucas 10 -30 Mobile Saw Mill
  124. FOR SALE:NSW NEWTOWN: NEW wooden internal bi-fold doors, 2 SETS
  125. FOR SALE:NSW New Melamine boards clearance 1245 mmx 500mm x 25 mm
  126. FOR SALE:QLD Red cedar
  127. FOR SALE:VIC Portable wooden house for sale!
  128. FOR SALE:VIC redgum slabs
  129. Wide recycled boards 35-45mm thick
  130. DONE: Large silky oak tree for removal
  131. FOR SALE:QLD Bloodwood
  132. FOR SALE:WA African Blackwood Blanks
  133. DONE: Quantity of Horizontal Scrub poles
  134. FOR SALE:QLD Red cedar,silky oak and crows ash slabs for sale
  135. Looking for 200 x 200mm redgum posts
  136. FOR SALE:QLD New Guinea Rosewood (turners or boxmakers ?)
  137. FOR SALE:NSW Backyard Sale Lower North Shore Sydney. Red cedar, N silky, Qld Maple
  138. FOR SALE:QLD odd bits of mango
  139. FOR SALE:QLD offcut BH Sassafras
  140. FOR SALE:QLD ebony for sale....
  141. DONE: Timber Done, Gone
  142. DONE: Slabs
  143. SOLD: Baltic Pine Floorboards
  144. FOR SALE:SA Redgum slabs
  145. FOR SALE:VIC Banksia Grandis Cones
  146. FOR SALE:QLD 1st Grade Kwila high Qty's in Brisbane
  147. Timber block for a New carver
  148. blackwood / messmate / manna for milling
  149. looking for a slab or two
  150. FOR SALE:TAS Tassie Blackwood Acoustic Guitar Sets
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