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  1. Wanted (Vic) A " Tough " Wood Lathe.
  2. Wanted (QLD) Classic Kombi Letterbox
  3. Wanted (Vic) Medium metal lathe around 500~700 between center wanted Victoria
  4. Wanted (WA) Triton work bench 2000 saw slide chassis
  5. Wanted (NSW) NZ Kauri Pine for picture frame
  6. FOR SALE:QLD purchasing
  7. Wanted (QLD) Power Poles or Round Poles
  8. Wanted (QLD) Cnc router
  9. Wanted (QLD) Diamond bandsaw blade
  10. Wanted (NSW) Wanted: timber slab
  11. DONE: Stanley Folding Rulers (Broken)
  12. Wanted (WA) outside light
  13. Wanted (SA) Sandalwood
  14. Wanted (NSW) Thicknesser
  15. Wanted (NSW) Dovetail saw
  16. Wanted (QLD) Evolution rage 3 sliding miter saw
  17. Wanted (NSW) Carved Japanese Maple Leaf
  18. Wanted (NSW) black timber
  19. Wanted (Vic) slabs or burls
  20. Wanted (NSW) Vintage two man chainsaws
  21. Wanted (Vic) WANTED!!!!!!! Sandalwood in Melbourne for Carving!!!!
  22. Wanted (SA) Bobbin sander, good quality like zimmerman brand
  23. Wanted (NSW) Table Saw
  24. Wanted (WA) Shopsmith mark 5 parts
  25. Wanted (NSW) Carving Tools
  26. Wanted (QLD) Wanted wood bandsaw
  27. Wanted (NSW) Router Lift/Router Table
  28. Wanted (NSW) Stihl 090
  29. Wanted (QLD) Diamond bandsaw.
  30. Wanted (NSW) Australian Wood Review magazines
  31. Wanted (QLD) Circular Saw 'washers / collars'
  32. Wanted (WA) Lathe+Bandsaw
  33. Wanted (QLD) Ironbark split posts
  34. Wanted (Vic) M8x1.25 130mm bolts WANTED
  35. DONE: Dust extractor
  36. Wanted (QLD) Wanted anywhere in Australia, Dovetail jig
  37. DONE: Old Hitachi 4" angle grinder parts
  38. Wanted (WA) Arbortech Mini Grinder
  39. Wanted (Vic) Router Table
  40. Wanted (Vic) Mahogany
  41. Wanted (WA) Collet
  42. Wanted (WA) Floor Standing Drill Press
  43. Wanted (WA) Wide Jarrah Boards
  44. Wanted (Vic) 1/4 pigsticker
  45. Wanted (NSW) Drill Press and Linisher
  46. DONE: Table Saw
  47. Wanted (WA) metal lathe. 1000 between centers
  48. Wanted (WA) Aluminum
  49. Wanted (NSW) 1" (25mm) hardwood balls with a hole pre-drilled
  50. Wanted (Vic) Fein Multimaster
  51. Wanted (NSW) Wanted - Lucas Mill Model 8-30 or 7-23
  52. DONE: US Stanley 5 1/2 Bench Plane
  53. Wanted (QLD) dovetail cutters for gifkin A jig
  54. Wanted (Vic) Wanted: 240v thicknesser, victoria
  55. Wanted (QLD) Minn kota parts.
  56. Wanted (NSW) Triton EA300 Extension table
  57. Camphor Laurel
  58. Wanted (QLD) triton router
  59. Wanted (WA) Shipping Container
  60. Wanted (NSW) chicka1940
  61. Wanted (NSW) Scintilla Jigsaw Blades
  62. Wanted (QLD) Brisbane: Steel Offcut 100x12 Flat - 200mm
  63. Wanted (Vic) Victorian Ash
  64. Wanted (NSW) WTB saw chassis for triton mark 3 work centre
  65. DONE: Triton mk3 table locking pins
  66. Wanted (NSW) Mild steel tubing/sheet
  67. Wanted (QLD) Rosenstengel
  68. Wanted (QLD) Cement Mixer
  69. Wanted (SA) Solid Timber Workbench
  70. Wanted (Vic) jarrah floorboards
  71. DONE: Wood Vice
  72. Wanted (TAS) Australian Woodsmith Magazine Issue # 37
  73. DONE: Stanley No 71 Router cutters
  74. Wanted (QLD) timber offcuts for boxmaking
  75. Wanted (SA) triton spare parts
  76. Wanted (NSW) Huon Pine for box making
  77. Wanted (NSW) Carver
  78. Wanted (Vic) slab of wood
  79. Wanted (QLD) Offcuts of timber for toy or box making
  80. Wanted (Vic) Vic wanted: sheet metal roller
  81. Wanted (Vic) Mini Lathe
  82. Wanted (NSW) English wheel, hammers, dollies.
  83. Wanted (Vic) Festool systainer
  84. Wanted (Vic) Wooden Cable drum/reel/spool, prefer used.
  85. Wanted (SA) Parts for Universal 14" Bandsaw (WA-14)
  86. Wanted (NSW) Wanted ETA300 (Triton)
  87. Wanted (NSW) Machinist Level
  88. Wanted (Vic) Mini Malibu
  89. Wanted (NSW) Lucas slabbing attachment
  90. Wanted (Vic) bowls boxes
  91. Wanted (Vic) Thicknesser
  92. Wanted (QLD) Free jarrah offcuts
  93. Wanted (NSW) 240v 1.5 - 2 HP Motor
  94. Nova Ornamental Turner
  95. Wanted (NSW) Old Compound Slide and/or Toolpost for Metal Lathe
  96. Wanted (Vic) 5 Rough sawn posts - with character
  97. DONE: Cypress Pine TNG Flooring
  98. Wanted (Vic) NEED Deco style windows
  99. Wanted (NSW) Triton (TBD1500) Belt and Disc Sander
  100. Wanted (NSW) WTB Steel shot (for beater bags)
  101. DONE: Madd Gear pro switch blade
  102. Wanted (NSW) Cut off saw, Axle stands
  103. Wanted (Vic) 2 black heart sassy bowl blanks.
  104. Wanted (NSW) Long Tool Rest for Technatool S1000 Lathe
  105. Wanted (TAS) Hitachi CB75F resaw bandsaw
  106. Wanted (QLD) perforated stainless steel sheet
  107. Wanted (NSW) Silky oak
  108. Wanted (WA) Ash or oak table top
  109. Wanted (Vic) WANTED: Burr or Zebrano
  110. Wanted (QLD) Adjustable Dado Set
  111. Wanted (SA) Stanley 71 plane
  112. Wanted (QLD) camphor laurel
  113. Wanted (NSW) Old kerosene fridge
  114. DONE: Plough Plane
  115. DONE: Wood Lathe
  116. Wanted (NSW) Triton 2000 Training DVD
  117. Wanted (Vic) Wood for chess board.
  118. Wanted (Vic) 1300 mm sanding drum
  119. Wanted (Vic) 1300 mm sanding drum
  120. Wanted (TAS) Portable sawmill
  121. Wanted (NSW) Shop Press/Bearing Press Sydney
  122. Wanted (NSW) Rustic wooden tree slice centrepieces
  123. Wanted (SA) Metal lathe chuck
  124. Wanted (Vic) Commission/buy an Indian Chief...
  125. Wanted (WA) Triton MK3 Saw Chassis Upgrade
  126. DONE: Black & Decker Workwheel
  127. DONE: Stanley 98 gauge wheel cutter and screw
  128. Wanted (WA) clawfoot bath waste
  129. DONE: a 2 & 3/8" blade and cap iron
  130. Wanted (WA) bench saw/planer
  131. Wanted (NSW) Delta Scroll Saw
  132. Wanted (NSW) Devilbiss spray gun
  133. Wanted (ACT) wanted to buy used Zinken MIA 6
  134. Wanted (NSW) Scheppach TiGer 2500 attachments
  135. Wanted (WA) Jointer
  136. Wanted (QLD) Moulder planer
  137. Wanted (NSW) tenoner
  138. DONE: Triton WC2K fence and measurement arms
  139. Wanted (QLD) Platform King Bed and bedside tables
  140. Wanted (Vic) Radiata Pines to BUY
  141. Wanted (QLD) Wanted Triton 2000 safety fence
  142. Wanted (Vic) Chain mortiser
  143. Wanted Hercus Indexer
  144. Wanted (NSW) Lucas Saw Mill
  145. Wanted (Vic) Mac OSX 10.5 or 10.5.1 Install DVDs
  146. Wanted (Vic) Solid Workbench with drawers
  147. Wanted (NSW) wood thread and die set
  148. Wanted (NSW) MiniMax sc2 W panel saw
  149. Wanted (Vic) Miter saw and blades
  150. Wanted (SA) Plaster Board Panel Lifter 11Ft