View Full Version : I would like to add a hand wheel to my Jet Lathe

18th Jan 2010, 10:23 AM
I have a Jet JPL1236 lathe and I miss having the hand wheel on the left for spinning work and checking for clearance before starting the lathe. I have not found one on the internet. It looks like the end has threads and could take a bolt albeit I have no idea what size it is. Anyone ever make a hand wheel and added it to this lathe?

Thanks for any info on the matter.

joe greiner
18th Jan 2010, 08:33 PM
Not exactly the same lathe, but a nearby clone: Harbor Freight 34706. I made an auxiliary drive for a rotisserie motor to assist spray finishing on the lathe. It appears to be about 1/2" LH threads, which might be hard to source. For my drive shaft, I used a long tapered dowel, and forced it into the hole CCW, which is the motor's rotation. A similar trick could be used to establish the thread system. I wouldn't use this for a handwheel, but a fastener supplier or auto parts store might have something in stock. You'll also need LH nuts and/or lock nuts to secure the wheel.