View Full Version : turning tools what you got?? and how do you hold them?

29th Jan 2010, 03:13 PM
ok I know theres a post somewere but im going to ask it anyway:D

How meny turning tools do you have?

And how do you hold them?
i,e tool rack, tray
( plz dont say in your hand:doh:)

im looking ad adding to my line up I have a 6pc starter kit

what to add??

if tou can post pics it will be a big help

thanks NZ_carver

29th Jan 2010, 03:21 PM
See the thread started by Brendan on storing tools.

How many? Last count in the 50s :- but I'm a tool hooer.

What do you really need?

Yep, get off your butt and do a search. Been covered soooo many times.

Gil Jones
29th Jan 2010, 03:55 PM
Probably in the hi-50s ++, but you may find that you mostly only use 10-12 of them on a regular basis.
Here is a pic of the tool holder I made and attached to my tailstock.
Plus I have included pics of several others made by folks I do not know, but they seem to be fine ideas to consider.

29th Jan 2010, 04:51 PM
Dave if you want the tool box back its still here a good storage unit for chucks and chisels bits n bobs.

Ok I have 8 piece H&F set
6 piece Gary Pye Midi set + 3 piece Captive ring set
6 piece Robert Sorby Mini set
3 piece Toqauta Set

Carbon steel 3 piece Record set
4 piece Hughie made
3 HSS special made at OTGA pyramid tool, Hook or under cut U shape, and a goose neck plus ones I am in the middle of making to suit my own needs cause you cant buy them

tea lady
29th Jan 2010, 05:18 PM
Depends what you want to make. :shrug: And how big. :think:

How to hold? Mine still swim about in a box. :doh:

30th Jan 2010, 01:31 PM
I'm ashamed to say 40+ of which I use:

6 constantly
20 (including the 6 above) often enough to have in the tool rack
Another 10 infrequently used ones that could be stored in an accessible wall rack, if I had a wall I could get to readily
The remainder are spares, superseded CS tools or never used any more and are or could be stored out of the away.

Of my original 6 tools (not a set, but individually selected quality tools at the time), 5 of them, or their replacements, are in my 6 constantly used tools.

So, suggest you learn (by whatever method works best for you) to competently use the tools that you already have, NZ Carver, before buying any more. In my experience it's not what you have but what you do with it. Hmmm... I think that aphorism might be on someone's sig, could be Brendan and reckon he would know.


30th Jan 2010, 01:39 PM
+1 to TL and to Neil.

Each new tool comes with a learning overhead so just acquire the one(s) you need for the next project.

30th Jan 2010, 02:02 PM
I have not counted for a while but about 20 at a guess. I started with a cheep boxed set and added a good one from fime to time. I could get by with less but they all get used now and then. Like some others have said I have about 6 I use most of the time.
A rack of some kind on wheels is the best storage solution.

30th Jan 2010, 03:37 PM
I have a bowl gouge and a parting tool. That's all you really need. Frequently hold the handle with my right hand, and guide the other end on the tool rest with my left hand, but sometimes vice-versa. How do you hold yours?

30th Jan 2010, 04:14 PM
G`day in the 50`s and much like the others I use about 8 all the time
10 mm Bowl gouge
6mm Spindle gouge
6mm Beading and parting tool
12mm Skew
6mm skew
Parting tool (hacksaw blade 2mm)
Round nose scrapers 6mmx6mm and 15mmx5mm.
Like Ern Said


30th Jan 2010, 08:44 PM
Hi all

I just had to go and count them - 22, including a few I should never have bought, and a pair of Ernie Newman thread chasers I've used about twice. Like most other people, I use maybe 5 or 6 on any one project.

Fifteen of them live in a rack on the wall just behind the tailstock end of the lathe, which suits my workshop layout well, and doesn't take up any floor space. The downside is that it can get a bit damp (at the side of the garage under the house) so they tend to gather a bit of surface rust.

Something else I have set up for myself which might be of interest is a 3-tool rack across the tailstock end of the lathe bed, where I rest the tools I am using between cuts, rather than laying them across the lathe bed. Stops them rolling off while you are using one of the others - they ALWAYS hit the concrete point first!

I'm sure I copied the idea from someone else - can't remember who. I've attached a pic. It's a piece of 4x1 pine with 2 bits of 2x1 across the ends, with Vs cut into them on the bandsaw to hold the tools in place. It is just clamped to the bed with bolt through the rack and a wooden spacer underneath.

cheers, Colin