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29th Sep 2004, 09:25 PM
I don't know how many members are familiar with the U.K.Mag.'Woodturning', but they had an article on the late Tony Boase. apparently whern he died he had hundreds of blanks etc, ready for turning and the idea was that they were sent to turners all around the world, including a number in Aus and N.Z. to finish and sell. The resulting revenue was to be put to scholarships.
Anyway, There is a website showing the results at www.tonyboasetribute.co.uk if anyone is interested.
Just thought you might be interested.

1st Oct 2004, 02:38 AM
I have Tony Boase' book "Woodturning Masterclass" and even after several years I turn to it for inspiration and technical solutions. It's funny how over the years I look at the photographs he took of the Masters working in their shops and pick out little tricks each of them have developed. The tools they have made, special jigs, and so much more that isn't mentioned in the text, but due to his excellent photographs can be seen. Tony Boase' outstanding work is a treasure, and I suggest every aspiring woodturning take a look, I assure you it will inspire!