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dale grible
18th Oct 2004, 11:11 AM
hello folks!!

i'm new to wood turning....i'm so happy i found this forum!!!!...i have a little experience in wood (i build a buffet a couple of months ago if you want to see a pic , just ask!!! be happy to show you) but i only made one...so to think of it , i have less than a little experience in wood.

i want to make pepper mills (this subject must be commun here?!!)

i know i'll have millions of question to ask , so please be patient with me! and i'm french , so....lollll

ok thanx again , happy to be here!

dale grible

18th Oct 2004, 11:35 AM

Ask all the questions you like but be prepared to get a fair dose of Aussie humour mixed in with very good answers from those with the experience and knowledge.

Have fun


18th Oct 2004, 12:17 PM
If you want to find out heaps about Salt and Pepper Mills, do a search at the top of the screen.

I did the search on 'PEPPER' and came up with this:

Click here (http://www.woodworkforums.ubeaut.com.au/search.php?searchid=116955)


dale grible
18th Oct 2004, 01:02 PM
thanx dan! very helpful!