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Don Dobie
18th Oct 2004, 06:55 PM
Hi everyone. I havea Ryobi WTL900 wood lathe, am a novice and looking forward to many hours of 'making shavings'. When checking the lathe, (because the speed selector won't stay on slow) I noticed that the pulley associated with the motor is actually running hard against the motor mounting. It has two grub screws which presumably are meant to hold it slightly clear of the housing but it seems there is no indentation on the shaft to prevent slippage of the pulley which is under a reasonable degree of pressure from the spring forcing it toward the housing. I am intrigued as to what level of clearance this pulley should have from the housing and how this is achieved. Does anyone either have a manual or one of these lathes.
Appreciate any help I can get.


18th Oct 2004, 08:28 PM
Hi Don,
Welcome to the Forum.
I would suspect that your lathe is an old one because it's no longer on the Ryobi website - even google had nothing but three dead links.
What I suggest you do is contact your local wood turning club - they'll probably be able to help with this problem, but this problem aside, the wood turning groups a great place to learn and swap ideas.