View Full Version : JET JPT-260 vs JPT-310 Planer Thicknesser Combination

Psych 101
30th Oct 2010, 12:26 AM
Apart from the difference in capacity and table length can anyone tell me if there is any difference in operation, function or quality between these two machines?

I am finding it hard to justify the additional cost for the 12" machine given I dont yet have a lot of experience in woodworking. I have read a lot of positive feedback about the jpt-310 and I am keen to know if the smaller jpt-260 is comparable but just with a reduced capacity??

Also does anyone know if you can buy a helical cutterhead that is compatible with the 260? (I wouldn't go for this straight away but it would be good to know if this is a long term option)

Mr Brush
30th Oct 2010, 01:42 PM
I have the JPT-310 (in 3 phase). I also considered the smaller JPT-260 before buying, but for some reason nobody seemed to have one, none of the JET dealers stocked them, so I gave in and bought the larger machine. If you search the forums there is a thread from around the time I was buying - someone had a JPT-260 but couldn't get the tables aligned coplanar, so swapped it out for a JPT-310.

The table length was an issue for me, and I don't regret going for the JPT-310.

Helical cutterheads and JET machines is a bit of a can of worms. If you want the third party shelix head, I'm sure one could be made to fit the JPT-260 - but it won't be cheap. JET are planning on releasing a JPT-310HH with helical head late this year (not sure who makes the head), after many delays due to issues with the feed rate for the thicknesser. I believe they have slowed the feed rate on the single-phase JPT-310HH to avoid overloading the motor, but I'm told I could fit a JET helical head to my older JPT-310 with no problems as the 3-phase motor has more grunt. I haven't seen any references to a helical head version of the JPT-260.

Worth checking with Col Peachey at JET head office if you want to check this.

Psych 101
4th Dec 2010, 09:56 AM
Thanks for the feedback. I am pretty sure I will be buying the 310. Can you tell me how wide is it when the fence is brought all the way forward and with the cutterguard removed? I need to be able to fit it in a single car garage and want to know its minimum footprint.

Mr Brush
4th Dec 2010, 10:28 AM
I just popped out to the workshop for a quick look.

The minimum width I can get the machine down to (bringing the fence right in and removing the cutterguard) is about 520mm.

However, mine is mounted on the JET mobile base so that I can wheel it around for cleaning, etc. To get clearance for the mobile base you'd need a total width of about 650mm - it extends well beyond the base of the machine.

Hope this helps.

Psych 101
4th Dec 2010, 10:31 AM
Thanks. That's exactly what I needed.