View Full Version : Standard Lamp Stand............

11th Nov 2004, 09:06 PM
Giday folks i am enquiring if any of you good woodies have a nice design of a standard lamp as i have been sitting on some nice sized blackwood pieces especially for this purpose so i wanted to make a nice chunky lamp starting off with 4"X4" at the bottom so guess i will need a decent base for it or i can do a four leg from the base which will be good practice for tables.I am at present making a miners couch from blackwood which has been down in the forest for 30 years and it is a nice chocolate brown colour but does have a few worm holes which i can cope with after all it is from it's natural state and i dont mind what nature has given me holes and all :D ........Reeves got a piece from me to make a walking stick for his dad.........
Hope some has a nice design to pass on to me.........with thanks........ :)

Reguards Tasman............. :)