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18th Jan 2011, 05:31 PM
Over the next few months I will be removing several trees from a property I own.

There are a couple of small White Cedars. a small Blackwood, A couple of small Lemon scented Melaleucas, A ouple of reasonable Melaleuca Quinquinerva and some Sweetgums ( Hard Maple, Liquid Amber.)

Oneof these Sweetgums is about 300-350mm. diam. for about 1200 mm up th trunk, The other two have a different -smoother bark - but the same leaf and seed pod. They are multi trunked and at best are about 150mm diam. I will wait until the leaves have dropped from the biggest tree to cut it down.

When I get this all sorted there will no doubt be some nice turning blanks. I will post to ths effect when the job is done. Keep you eyes peeled.:cool: