View Full Version : Another Silky & Cedar Open/Segmented Vase

30th Jan 2011, 03:30 PM
This one is previous to and smaller than my other posting of Silky & Cedar Vase.
It is 520mm high and 290mm diameter and is made from Silky Oak, 150yr old Aus. Cedar and Bimble Box for the centre band. Finished in gloss poly.

The separate base I made for it to sit in is Aus. Cedar burl inlayed with crushed turquoise, the same as the bimble box cente band.
The bimble box lends itself perfectly for inlaying due to the many and natural voids, however it is almost as hard on chisels as Coolibah.
After I glued the top half to the bottom half above the feature band, and the glue dried, I realised the top half had slipped when clamping and rotated about 3mm out of alignment with the bottom half.
Luckily the band above the feature band was open segmented, so I just dropped a jigsaw in and cut off the top half by running it around the circumferance. I then resanded the 2 cut surfaces on a 300mm disc sander and reglued the 2 halves back together in perfect alignment. Catastrophe averted.
Another happy ending!

30th Jan 2011, 09:21 PM
Nice work!!! Love the use of the acrylic filler!