View Full Version : Scroll chuck wanted

27th Nov 2004, 06:32 PM
Looking to buy second-hand: one scroll chuck to fit 3/4" spindle with 10tpi.

27th Nov 2004, 07:37 PM
Hei Rusty,
About your only hope is the classified ads if someone is getting out of turning, as active turners tend to keep them. I've just bought a new Vicmarc but I'll keep the clone chuck for small work and you'll find that most turners are the same.
There's a Supanova on Ebay but it's ex UK and the starting bid is dearer than what you'd pay for one here.

If you do manage to find one don't be too fussed if the thread is wrong because that's only the insert and you can get them for $20.

If you end up going for new (I know it's a few bucks but well worth it) I would suggest you spend the money on a Vicmarc or similiar and avoid the clone/economy chucks. The clone chucks are good if scored with a lathe, but they retail for about $150 compared to $230 for the Vicmarc - the price difference is only $80 but the quality difference is like comparing a pedal car to a Ferrari.

I've just bought a Vicmarc VM100 and would recommend it to anyone.