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10th Oct 2000, 11:14 PM
So far all my efforts at turning have been finished with hand applied creams or oils.
How do I go about applying polyurethane finish coats to objects still on the lathe.
I'd prefer to spray but I feel that this could be a bit messy and not exactly to the benefit of surrounding equipment especially the lathe. Any suggestion/s would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in anticipation,

Shane Watson
10th Oct 2000, 11:39 PM
Easy, just take it out of the lathe and spray it. Theres nothing to it. I would hate to see the mess when trying to spray a spindle in the lathe. I have sprayed thousands of turnings and have never had a prob. Infact I enjoy spraying turnings... Wise to wear protective gloves though...

13th Oct 2000, 09:23 AM
Thanks Shane,
Sounds logical I suppose.
However,I presume you have some other
type of device to hold the turnings so
that you don't have to touch them while
you're spraying.


Shane Watson
13th Oct 2000, 09:42 AM

No I just spray them holding the top by hand while usually the bottom of the turing rests on my carasual. Dependant on the turning and how intricate it is, I will spray it upside down, then spray again right way up to ensure even coverage. After doing this for a while you soon learn how not to get your hands covered. Infact I very rarely get any overspray on my hands. Some people hang turnings and spray them that way, but that usually means drilling a hole or something to attach wire.
You could as you say build something to hold the turnings, similar to the way a lathe holds them. But if you have several to spray in one session i am sure there would be problems removing the turnings while wet so as to allow the next to be sprayed. All depends though.

17th Oct 2000, 11:17 AM
Thanks Shane,
I appreciate your advice especially the turning upside down bit to even out the coverage.
Since your reply I've also thought of the idea of perhaps standing them on end with a cut off nail poked into the drive/live centre hole, the nail protruding from a plank oe something solid.


Shane Watson
17th Oct 2000, 11:45 AM
Yeah that would work. Would certainly keep your hands out of the way too. That same principle is used to stand bed ends etc to spray as well. As long as the boards being tacked on are big enough to keep the article stable. I frequently use ply offcuts, since the smaller offcuts dont get used all that much.


Shane Watson..

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17th Oct 2000, 01:37 PM
Chas - If you are spraying turnings that subsequently have to be glued, remember to mask the areas that will be glued or you will not get a timber to timber joint and the glue will not stick for long.

A nail in both ends of a spindle works well. 1 end to hold and rotate and the other to rotate on. Turn it upside down and do the same again. If you use long flat head nails you can also work out a hanging arrangement very easily, this will help with drying.

Hope this helps.

Cheers - Neil http://ubb.ubeaut.com.au/ubb/smile.gif

John Saxton
18th Oct 2000, 09:32 PM
Bloke I know has a small spray booth set up about 1 metre by 1 metre square and set at waist height with a bearing mounted turntable that turns as he sprays his bowls/woodturning pieces.He turns the table by hand whilst he sprays ......would probably be a good idea to power up an idea like that so that you had hands free.Have given the thought some consideration but haven't implemented it yet?