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Geoff Dean
13th Mar 2012, 08:02 PM
I have a Carbatec CTJ-350 Jointer that I'm thinking of upgrading with a Shelix head. I think it is the Grizzly G0490, can anyone confirm this?

It sure looks like it.

G0490 8" Jointer with Parallelogram Beds (http://www.grizzly.com/products/8-Jointer-with-Parallelogram-Beds/G0490)

The head itself is US $385 plus postage.

H8803 Shelix Cutterhead 8" (G0490) (http://www.grizzly.com/products/Shelix-Cutterhead-8-G0490-/H8803)

Found an Australian supplier:

R.D.G. International Agencies
PO Box 12
Howard QLD 4659
Phone: (07) 4129 4644
Email: rdg@bigpond.com

He can supply 2 types.

Byrd Shelix @ $725 + $25 delivery
Chinese copy CTS @ $495 + $25 delivery.

From what I can suss out, the CTS is not a true "spiral" head, it is more straight but still has all the little inserts. Still much quieter than the 3 knife head.

If I can 100% identify the correct head, I would probably import myself from Grizzly, given I could probably land it here cheaper than I can buy the Chinese copy from RDG.

19th Mar 2012, 03:03 AM
I bit the bullet and ordered the Shelix head H8803 from Grizzly on the 8th March after researching for a long time. It arrived at my door well packed on the 14th March. Just installed it in my Carbatec 8" jointer CTJ-350 this weekend 18th March. It is now working and cuts ok with some snipes. Still need to adjust both the infeed and outfeed tables for it to cut true without the snipes when I have some time. But otherwise quite happy with it. It runs quieter as everyone was saying and less tear out on curly grain timbers.

So the short answer to your question is yes - 100% confirm that its the correct head for your jointer. There is one difference but not critical. The new Shelix head spindle is a little bit shorter on the pulley side by about 6-8mm but it works fine. Hope this help in your decision.

Geoff Dean
19th Mar 2012, 10:13 AM
Thanks Woodo, that confirmation will be a big help in making my decision.

Cliff Rogers
19th Mar 2012, 10:19 AM
Did you talk to Rob at RDG?

I spoke to him on the phone & he intimated that the CTS was a copy of the Shelix.

I got the impression that it was a spiral cutter & the one that Carbatec have isn't.

19th Mar 2012, 11:32 AM
The info from RDG I also had was the CTS Chinese cutter is identical to the US Shelix and is a spiral cut not a straight cut as in the Carbatec spiral looking cutter head.

For me it all come down to price. I went the US Shelix path by importing from Grizzly at US$385 + postage for about the same price as the local Chinese CTS Shelix copy at $495 + $25 postage. Taking into account the higher Aussie dollar.

Grizzly also send me 5 cutter inserts with the Shelix head and a screw driver to go with it.

At the end the Chinese CTS would probably perform just as well and that's the decision. The price difference swing me towards the Shelix by importing.

Geoff Dean
19th Mar 2012, 12:10 PM
Did you talk to Rob at RDG?

I spoke to him on the phone & he intimated that the CTS was a copy of the Shelix.

I got the impression that it was a spiral cutter & the one that Carbatec have isn't.

Yeah, The impression I got was that it was slightly different to the Shelix, From memory the cutter heads were arrayed around the drum in a spiral, but the heads were square to the drum, not slightly offset like the Shelix.

There is always a very slight chance that I misunderstood Rob. I have been wrong once, I thought I made a mistake, it turns out I didn't. :D

All that aside, it looks like I can import a genuine Shelix for very close to the same price as the the CTS copy, so would probably do that in any case.

Cliff Rogers
19th Mar 2012, 03:16 PM
I probly will too, when they have stock of the one I want.

18th Apr 2012, 10:19 AM
I have just fitted a Byrd Shelix spiral cutter head to my Carbatec CTJ-350. I ordered it from RDG in Queensland on Friday and it was here in Adelaide on Tuesday morning (cost including delivery (registered post) was $625. Took me about an hour to fit and set up. Fitted new bearings ($20). Very quiet and smooth operation. Mirror finish, no need to sand, even on hardwood. I considered Grizzly, but they wanted $275.00 for freight!! so $385 for the head was not really that cheap after all! Cutter Head came very well packed with 5 spare cutters and tool for changing them. Am also thinking of changing V belt drive to grooved flat belt, just need to do some measuring and get a quote for pulleys and belt. This would make the machine even quieter and give better drive. Well worth the expense.

19th Apr 2012, 01:40 AM
Congratulation in fitting the Shelix head to your Carbatec Jointer.

Also its good to hear that the price from RDG have drop from $725 + $25 delivery to $625.

The quote I had from Grizzly to Melbourne were below:

"The shipping and handling quotes for your order are as follows:

ServiceApproximate Transit TimePrice
UPS Worldwide Saver3-5 Working Days$180.08
UPS Worldwide Expedited5-9 Working Days$172.26".

I guess the cost to Adelaide is more. But that's a too much more. Not too sure why.

I also consider changing the V belt drive to grooved flat belt. It should run better. If you do decided to go ahead please let us know how you go.