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1st Apr 2012, 03:05 PM
And G'Day everyone, I've been slow at getting these done, spent New Years Eve in O.R and a few weeks recouping .. Better now and making more sawdust.

These are L.K. Ventura design , and have enjoyed making them. The left box I used the blue pine (beetle pine) it is 8 1/2"h x 5" w x 4" d. The finish started out with 2 coats of white shellac and had some strange results, It got every gummy, but finally realized that the shellac was 2 1/2 yrs. Used some metho and removed what I could then applied some new light amber to the carcas only and left the drawer fronts as is. Kind of give it a unique look. Final coat 2 coats of wax. Drawer handles are ebonized and the interior is black flocking.

The right one is lodgepole pine and is 10 1/2"h x 6 3/4"w x 4"d. It is finished with 4 coats of tung oil. Drawer pulls are mahogany. Interior is finished with a blue flocking. For both I still need to attach some felt strips to the drawer bottoms, sure are slippery.


back of boxes , interior.


The next pic shows a couple boxes waiting for the final edging and sanding. This is the blue pine timber and will be finished with a sealer and clear lacquer or clear WOP. Want to try to preserve as much of the color as possible.


And then a couple to be cut, the dome shaped one is the chest cutoff from "big bird" - I think it was my last posting.


Also, after getting back home a friend gave me a scroll saw, never used one before. So just finished recycling an old bedside table to make a mobile cart for it,, and even has some drawer space for 'anything'.


should be fun to get to know it,
comments always welcome,


1st Apr 2012, 03:45 PM
Some nice work there Glenn. Looks like you have a few projects on the go at the moment.

Sculptured Box
1st Apr 2012, 07:38 PM

Thank you for posting your work here, good work.

You can have fun now with the combined use of the bandsaw & scroll saw, I look forward to seeing the results!

John T
1st Apr 2012, 09:35 PM
Two very nice boxes keep up the good work and i'm sure the felt will work fine:2tsup::2tsup:
regards john.

2nd Apr 2012, 02:31 PM
Well finally warming up here, just need to do a shop cleanup, some dusting then I can get out of the basement. Lots of sanding ahead and of course the scroll saw time, want to try to put an 1/2 or an hour a day on it to start.

Previously I've only used a basic dust mask and hearing plugs. A week ago I did pick up a good face mask and headphones. Stuff is starting to bother a wee bit at times.

thanks for your replies,

3rd Apr 2012, 08:56 AM
Great work. looks terrific.:2tsup::2tsup:

3rd Apr 2012, 11:37 AM
Nice boxes and the handles on the first box look great. Were they carved and just glued on?:2tsup:

4th Apr 2012, 04:38 AM
Hi, for both boxes I cut the basic shape using a coping saw, pine and some old mahogany baseboard I have (lots of it), sanded them on a belt sander to get the over all shape ( used a small pair of vise grips to hold them - save the pinky's). Then used these files and emery boards to fine tune them.

I have found this set of little files very useful. $12.00. The red handled set contains a square, flat-round, 2 triangular, round and a flat file. 'Jobmate Brand'. For the finer sanding I like the bigger emery board, very good as its fine and finer grit, plastic core, flexible and water proof.


I used epoxy to glue them, on the smaller box I had removed most of the bad shellac, but for safety's sake I scrapped the surface area to ensure a good contact. So far it seems ok.

Had a little boo-boo with the flocking. I sealed the cavity with acrylic paint, black. Then when applying the glue I missed a few spots as the glue is black also. At least its repairable with another touch up. In the future I'll make sure the sealer is a little lighter that the paint. Think the old eyeballs are playing tricks on me. :o


5th Apr 2012, 05:55 AM
Nice work on the boxes Glen>>:2tsup::2tsup::2tsup:

Neat set of filess too.

5th Apr 2012, 09:43 PM
Nice work Glen love the shapes.

8th Apr 2012, 06:58 AM
Great pair of boxes
This is something I have fancied doing but it is a little hard without a bandsaw. But will be rectified on Tuesday when a new one will arrive.

8th Apr 2012, 09:31 AM
Thanks Diggerdelaney, About a year ago I tried to make a small box with a 10" er, and dull blade and a 1/5th HP. Did my research and had one shortly after. I really it enjoy this facet of woodworking and if your creative even better.


8th Apr 2012, 09:00 PM
Thanks Glenn will spend a day or so just setting the saw up before I start. Also have to finish a couple of jobs already started. So much I want to make or have a go at but not enough shed time.

9th Apr 2012, 11:41 PM
:2tsup:High Diggerdelaney, Like the boxes , so does the missus, would like to have a go at that but would not know how you do it .


10th Apr 2012, 11:32 AM
:2tsup:High Diggerdelaney, Like the boxes , so does the missus, would like to have a go at that but would not know how you do it .


The boxes are Glenn's


13th Apr 2012, 02:17 AM
here I was expecting some polished square things , these are beautiful!

14th Apr 2012, 10:35 PM
Sorry about the name mix up my apology Glen, and Diggerdelaney.
Still lovely boxes.


19th Apr 2012, 02:01 PM
Beautiful work. I particularly like the effect you have achieved with the draw fronts on the smaller box by leaving them as was. very unique and great finish too. Thanks for sharing with us. :2tsup::2tsup::2tsup: