View Full Version : MSL-3815 Wood Lathe

Bruce Micheal
19th Feb 2005, 03:08 PM
G'day all

A mate of mine has expressed interest in purchasing one of these lathes after seeing it at Toowoomba Woodworks (Carba-Tec brand). Timbecon also sell it with the 'optional range of colours' as long as it is orange. It retails for about $1000.00 from both Carba-Tec and Timbecon with an optional outrigger attachment.
Has anyone got one of these or used one? It would be interesting to see what owners/users thought of these lathes. I've attached an image out of the Carba-Tec online catalogue.

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20th Feb 2005, 01:17 AM
Have used one, not bad, not a Vicmarc offcourse. Note that the Carbatec one comes complete with outboard turning as well as a lightweight stand. Timbecon charges the same price but the outboard rig and stand is NOT included.

It seems to be based on a record design and from memory I think it is from Taiwan and not China.............that is the Carbatec ( when I enquired ). I have no idea about the wherefrom of the Timbecon one.

Definately is good value at $995-00 including the outboard rig. I would suggest a custom made stand or bench for it though.

Happy lathe hunting.