View Full Version : Installed a Shelix Spiral Head in a Carbatec CTJ-350

30th Aug 2012, 10:46 AM
Just some feed back. Last weekend I installed the CTS G15 8" spiral head cutterblock that I purchased from Woodcraft Supplies into my Carbatec CJT-350 buzzer (but now it doesnít buzz). Apart from having to buy a small puller to get one of the bearing off the old cutter head the change over was quite easy.

The test: - of recent times I have been dressing a fair bit of Pine with the old 3 blade cutter head and the pine was left a bit furry (if you know what I mean), I used pine to do a test and comparison. With the new spiral cutter head the finish on the pine was very smooth as they say it will be except I found that it left very fine ridges (being the width of the individual cutters) across the width of the timber, however itís nothing to worry about and easily removed with a sand. I assume these ridges are as a result of the way this maker (Chinese) sets the individual cutters. I assume the American doesn't do this?

Before I brought from Woodcraft I contacted my local Carbatec shop (given that they supply machines with spiral cutters) for upgrades on 3 occasions (to support local business etc). Each time it was the reply was "they don't fit", "we don't know anything about them" and "there's problems with fitting them". Sometimes Carbatec do themselves a great dis-service.

30th Aug 2012, 06:50 PM
Sounds like you have a regular spiral cutter, not a Shelix.

The spiral heads have the knives set square to the head, Shelix knives are set at an angle. Shelix knives also are ground with radiused edges, not square, to eliminate lines in the finish.