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27th Sep 2015, 10:36 PM
Turned a very thin walled bowl today...went ok, but almost went through bottom...you can see the bottom decoration when you hold it up to the light. Was thinking about trying to fill decoration with dust and glue mixture....thoughts? Or best leave alone, and simply finish bottom by removing inner spigot edge that chuck expanded into? Gotta get better at bowl gouge finishing cuts!
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27th Sep 2015, 10:41 PM
I'd be inclined to leave it as is, regardless it is a nicely turned platter/bowl and also finished very nicely as well

Willy Nelson
27th Sep 2015, 11:37 PM
I reckon leave it as is, looks great

28th Sep 2015, 06:29 AM
I agree with the above. Very nice bowl.

Buy or make one of these:


I think $40 is outrageous, but if it saves a $100 bowl it is paid for. I think there are similar made in Asia without the gold plated price.

I have one and use it several times on every bowl. I have gone through the bottom of one before I bought it.

28th Sep 2015, 08:20 AM

I saw these on Jim Carroll's stand at Ballarat on Saturday but did not look at the price

28th Sep 2015, 08:20 AM
Looks nice!

We've all been there. Amazing how often we forget how deep the recess is for the chuck jaws! Even with calipers we can make the same mistake. I like to measure the height of the face of the jaw nose from a "reference plane" usually the base of the jaws. That way I always can deduce the thickness or meat left in the bowl from a measurement.

28th Sep 2015, 09:40 AM
Thanks for all the feedback. I have callipers, and did use them, but too late. On reflection, I think a big part of close call was my poor bowl gouge technique and timing/order of cuts when getting to the finish. Had gone too deep on sides too early. It was a close call to avoid a raised section across inside of bowl.

28th Sep 2015, 09:47 AM
You could cut a piece of snug fitting veneer and glue it into the recess of the bottom. The recess seems to be deep enought for a 1-2mm veneer. This would also strengthen the weak wall thickness and prevent any 'future accidents'.

28th Sep 2015, 02:04 PM
I have a selection of turned spigots for gluing onto platters etc that i wish to get full use of the piece/timber being turned. They work a treat and saves turning out a chuck recess . They also are good for remounting a piece if you decide to change the design later.

28th Sep 2015, 02:26 PM
I had a similar problem some time ago and I did a fixit job along the lines that Blackforester suggested except that I glued in a full plug and then turned it out and I just remembered that I still have the piece so here is the pic.......but you might be best to leave your piece as is....Cheers Kerry

PS> This was the effort that launched my separate spigot plan/action.