View Full Version : 3 types of Mahogany & Cherry Spindle Table

19th Dec 2015, 01:06 AM
Hello guys & gals I've been getting my Christmas presents out of the way; as some of you know we moved in Oct. and I've now got the shop to were I can make things once again (it's still a long away from be set up right). Any way we needed a small table for our bed room for cell phones to be charged so I made this; Mahogany & Cherry Table. The top is 1" thick Cherry; the very bottom base is 1 1/2' Sapele Mahogany the two pieces on either end of the spindle are African Striped Mahogany and the spindle is just Mahogany. The whole thing was dowel& glue w/ 5/8" Mahogany dowels I turned everything was spun on the lathe but the Cherry top that was added last. the base was finished w/ Deft sanding sealer and sanded in between coats then final finish was high gloss Deft rattle can. The top was then glued on and finished w/ several coats of Formby's Tung Oil Finish.