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Island Ape
21st Jun 2001, 08:27 PM
I work at a Publishers, recently our little green men decided to remove and replace some of our servers. These servers lived in an air-conditioned cupboard which now belongs to me.(he he) I'm thinking that I could possibly use this cupboard as an type of kiln to dry my pre-turned bowls. Its made of steel, appox 2 meters high, ground area of 80 x 80 cms, has a tinted-glass door removable sides and back and in the top the air-conditioning unit.
Is this a good idea?
Can anbody give me any tips, hydrometer etc.

PS I've Just had a week of turnig some willow for the first time, you know the stuff Brits make cricket bats from, It's a great wood I can highly recomened it.

Island Ape (Back at real work http://ubb.ubeaut.com.au/ubb/mad.gif )