View Full Version : Lided Box

Gil Jones
6th Feb 2006, 04:49 PM
3 3/8" hi X 2 3/8" wide.
Turned from a piece of spalted Pecan wood that I found at a turning club meeting, and a scrap of Walnut for the finial. Finished with Shellac/DNA(methanol)/Linseed oil mix, wax, and buffed.

9th Feb 2006, 04:05 PM
Gil, you did a bang-up job on the box and finial. That wood is absolutely beautiful. I've got some spalted pecan from a log a friend drug up for me, but it's not as pretty as that. It laid out in the weather for two years, and spalted. Worms killed the tree, and I've only gotten one bowl without inclusions or worm holes. It's harder than a rock. I guess that's why I've heard other turners call it "pecan-crete". :o)
How do you mix that finish? Also, do you apply it while it's on the lathe, like a rub-on finish?

Gil Jones
10th Feb 2006, 05:12 AM
Thanks, the little boxes are fun to make, and are good gifts too.
To be truthful, I am not fond of that finish mix, but it works. I just mixed an ounce of each in a baby food jar. It separates, so has to be shaken, but it dries fast and buffs OK. It is a bit like French polish. Yes, I apply it (cloth or brush) to the wood on the lathe, and after it is dry just smooth it out with 0000 steel wool, and wax/buff.
This spalted Pecan is sure not hard as a rock. It is a little bit punkie in the light colored areas.