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3rd Apr 2006, 03:11 PM
My first post on this forum was a question about a Coolibah burl I got that turned out to be what 'Old logger' called a 'looped burl'. 3 months is a long
time for me to wait for anything so I attacked it last week only to find it had dried a lot more than expected due to it's porosity and the kiln-like conditions we've had here. As my lathe is 'portable', I had some fun keeping it on the ground with this piece - initially had to
screw sizeable lumps of steel to the back to balance it!

Pic 1. That's only a tomahawk on the burl - it's not that big!

Pic 2. So hard already that the Stihl had a hard time getting the slab (near-right) off for a platter.

Pic 3. The resin veins filled with pulp made much of it very difficult to turn and put the balance right off - even after truing the blank.

Pic 4. Started pouring on the CA even before I got it close to shape and re-chucking on the step-jaws. Had quite a bit of weight screwed to the
back beside the faceplate to keep it closer to balanced at this stage. Used between 25 and 30 little tubes of CA on it to keep the sucker together!

Pic 5. Re-chucked on to the step-jaws to turn the top - couldn't use my counterweights now so had to do some serious bronc riding until I
got rid of the bulk of the waste. (I will make a sturdier frame one day!!!)

3rd Apr 2006, 03:16 PM
Pic 6. Shaped and sanded the top - decided to go with the rustic look and not fill any voids - there are so many it would have looked like an
epoxy disaster.

Pic 7. Whipped up a chuck to finish off the base as it was too big (400mm dia') for my Longworth chuck. Ratted the bolts/rubbers from the
Longworth chuck and it worked fine - not self centering but it really didn't have to be that accurate for this piece. Note the extra
'counterweight' under one of the wing nuts.

Pic 8. The base finished off on the MDF chuck.

Pic 9 & 10. Finished with 2 coats of Scandinavian oil followed by a fine buffing oil (beeswax,carnauba,tung) which made it way too glossy. Took
the shine back a little with EEE which got it almost right. Should dull off a little with time. I like it anyway!!!

Still a few smaller blanks to go - curiosity satisfied now so they can wait!

3rd Apr 2006, 03:39 PM
Noooooiiice. Greenie primed and on its way.

Seriously, good work and loved all the pics going from burl to bowl. I don't know about turning it so quickly though... I hope it doesn't crack on you! :o


ps Or I would have sent a greenie, but I haven't been indulging in enough free love apparently. Sorry.

3rd Apr 2006, 05:36 PM
Very nice work - love the sequential pics, always nice to see.
Hope the CA didn't attack you, you had to use quite a bit - had a nasty experience with fumes once when I had to use a fair bit:eek:.

dai sensei
3rd Apr 2006, 08:34 PM
Really beautiful piece. You've given me some ideas for my burls.

3rd Apr 2006, 09:25 PM
cool, good work...., make sure you post pics wen u get round to making the other ones u got

4th Apr 2006, 01:18 AM
Great stuff! luv the pics,sequential,excellent idea!
I see you and I have the same portable lathe:D , had to put a 45kg bag of cement of my stand shelf. This helps but I still do a bit of waltzing around the w/shop:)
Turning burls on one of these is a challenge, especially on mine the head stock wobbles around a bit with the out of balance burls.[next mod ]

Keep the pics coming.