View Full Version : Need advice on my Woodfast V1000

David J
10th Apr 2006, 11:13 PM
I have inherited this lathe from my deceased father.

My question is about the thread on the headstock. It is 1" 10 tpi but there is only about 1cm of thread available to attach a face plate. All of my faceplates have a non threaded section of at least that amount.

Can anyone give me a clue on what is wrong. Is it possible for the headstock to move back into the head of the lathe?

Who could I contact to fix the problem?

All responses greatfuilly received

David J

Jim Carroll
11th Apr 2006, 09:17 AM
David does it look like the spindle is threaded further into the headstock.
If so as you suspect it could be that the retainer inside the headstock has come loose.
You will have to pull it all apart to see what has come loose and fix it.
While it is apart it may be worth puting some new bearings in as it may have been some time since they were last done.

If this is not the problem then give Woodfast in SA a call and they should be able to help you.