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2nd Oct 2006, 11:39 PM
Well i found this site early this morning and spent some time daydreaming


The site has a huge list of links all worth having a gander at, including 3-D work and other CNC stuff. Just think, do yer own family blazon of crossed wombats mounted by a randy wallaby, with emus as supporters and a a goanna with yer family motto on it that reads..."He or She who dares, Turns"

Special Forces, ptui!

I would like several lifetimes to master a broad, very broad, range of skills and a bloody HUGE workshop to put it all into practice.

Maybe even biochemistry to grow burl trees. Just think a plantation of dwarf burl trees busily coppicing away in the sun and a long line of eager burl buyers awaiting at the gate. Life should be so good.

The cost of the gear is a bit ARGH. Do what the genealogists do here with the single copy of the pommy records circulate them for set periods to different centres.

You know, find out where a local shed is and arrange to have highly specialized gear, paid for by Federal Governements for keeping the auld sods outa the work force grants cycle through a series of locations, maybe state by state.