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7th Oct 1999, 08:44 PM
I have recently started woodtuning and I am unsure about what I should use for dust protection. I have looked at a number of different battery powered models and I am not sure what would be best for the hobby turner. Any help would be welcome.

Barry Wilson

Jim Carroll
7th Oct 1999, 11:36 PM
Bazza the units I can recomend are the Racal Airlite or The Dustmaster. The Airlite is rated as a 4hour unit with the battery (rechargable overnight) fan, switch and filter all in the headpeice. The Dustmaster is rated at 8hours with the battery, charger, filter contained in the backpack connected via a hose to the headpeice.Both units work on positive pressure in that if there is any place where it does not seal on your face or you have a beard the air exhausts out this part so stopping any dust from coming in. There is also a steady stream of air going over your face so if you wear glasses they will not fog up. If you select the airlite but think you could do with an extra battery you would be better going for the Dustmaster, plus the Dustmaster is able to be recharged while you are using as it puts in more power than the fan uses. There are other types and makes on the market but I can personally recommend these as I use the Dustmaster daily and have no problems with this unit.I hope this helps you some more. If want to know anymore dont hesitate to ask.

Turn it up

8th Oct 1999, 07:42 PM
Thanks Jim, I havn't seen the Racal gear but I will as soon as I can find a distributor in the Brisbane area.
The one I looked at was the Purelite air shield, I suppose it is a similar product, but I will look at both units.
once again thank you for your help.

Barry Wilson

8th Oct 1999, 08:39 PM
Bazza, I agree with Jim. Racal are the wolds leaders in repiratory equipment. They are the only company that has service people here and they really stand by their products. Try Phil at Level Gear in Toowoomba (07 4635 2737) he may be able to help you. Regards Ray.
PS Give him my regards.