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27th Jul 2007, 06:39 PM
Ladies....wow..have been exploring reviews .... really excellent...as recommended.... super impressed, excellent, fair, visually better than a demonstration...its close up & no big crowds...:2tsup:
Yes, I've been hearing so much about the Domino... needed to see what the rave was about.....
Now, I believe they're extremely expensive.....!!!:oo:
Would love to know how many ladies/woodies have one as yet .... :detective:

I've a biscuit joiner, three years or probably more....absolutely adore it....use it to death...over & over again...on quick calculation, a screen over 120 in the last two....but usually 48/screen( last two I incorporated a different wooden feature...) use it on everything I construct...mostly my woods 19x70 so busciut is sensational.....when I'm using 35x70 which is quite often, I just reverse each piece & dual biscuit cuts.....even used dual cuts for tops/units...
I understand tools make the difference to the job....there is obviously a price at where tools are too expensive.....for hobby/homehandy man....
Yes, I made my own furniture, because I couldn't afford to buy the good/expensive quality....when a piece of machinery cost more than the furniture...it starts to get questionable....so I am really satisfied with my biscuit joiner... for the price I paid compared to the Domino, I'm quite satisfied with what I have.....:2tsup:

Really just after some feedback...on what you all use...
I must state I would definately demo one..lol....:q
But.....looks really great.....excellent review as I said...

Back to some serious work inside.... too cold for shed today...must look for heating system...loosing too much valuable time down there....:doh:


more my style on cold days.......lol

27th Jul 2007, 07:10 PM
Hi Kekemo,

No biscuit joiner or Domino in my arsenal....yet :rolleyes:


Wild Dingo
27th Jul 2007, 09:30 PM
ahem... puttin me pink tutu lace bra an g string nickers on :o I approach this thread with male like trepidation BUT bein the carefree who gives a purple rats date sorta fella I am I gather me lacey bits an put me curls up to give yer a bit of a yarnin :2tsup:

Dear Kerry
You mention the Domino and cost in one breath... this is not done... for Dominos are like the saying related to Lamborginis and Farraris "if you have to ask you cant afford one" :no:
On the other hand if your like 99.9% of woodworking woodnuts and woodboobs on the forum and have a buscuit jointer you are in good company.
See the thing with Domino owners just like their bretherin that own those Lamborginis and Farraris they become dominsnobs unlike us buscuit joiner owners who are a total class act being freindly non snooty types who just like our makins to stay joined.
So I say... hang on a tick me lacey bra just slipped a knotch... ah thats bedderah how the bloody blue blazes yous sheila types wear these sodding constrainin restricting things is beyond me... oh where was I? Oh right... so I say my dear Kerry Kemeko stay true to your buscuit joiner love it care for it and it will serve you well... and when the time comes as we all know it will just as we buscuit joiner lovers know that dominos time will also come one day when the switch stops workin the blade stops rotatin and all the good stuff it does comes to a grindin halt... that day you will bless your buttons and lift your money saved by not shelling out all that money on a domino and buy yourself another fine buscuit jointer and still have money left over to


ahem... thats bedda... the g string snarled around me gronicles tearin the tears from me eyesockets while the lace frilled bra caught on me hairy manly chest hairs and ripped em out in a rush all the while the damned pink tutu was suckin the lifeblood from me rotund wee bod... so Ive discared it all an got back into me stubbies an singlet and alls well in the world again :2tsup:

ahem so as a final word my girl... do not be swayed by the hype an oooh lala how wonderful gumph an googah yabberin of the domino crowd stay true to your buscuit joiner for it has served you well... and will continue to do so for years to come

As one dago bloke used to shout on the idiot box... "Savadamoney... we not fancy but we cheep!" :U

Sometimes... theres things that cost an arm leg an two lungs that do the same job as someothin that costs less than a finger... but some people just gotta be one up on the jones :;

Now... Ive had a gander at the things... I have... wandered into PTMS down here in Bunbury and had a good long look at them... Ken the bloke who serves me cause he knows I enjoy usin the CC went through the whole schammeal of how great they are what they do how they do it... then what they cost... his look of utter dejection when I smiled and wandered away saying "mate I reckon I can buy enough exotic timbers at that price to build and furnish a new house I'll stick wif me buscuit joiner" poor fella near pharted his last when he saw that CC dive back into me wallet :U

Hi Wendy!! hows the shed bubs? kept the boofhead out so far? :2tsup:

How you two sheilas gettin on anyways?

28th Jul 2007, 03:46 PM
Well I mostly use mortice and tenon joints, and some biscuits for panels etc. I just have a pretty cheap Ryobi joiner, and if I ever upgrade will just buy another bicky joiner.

Wild Dingo
ahem... puttin me pink tutu lace bra an g string nickers on :o I approach this thread with male like trepidation BUT bein the carefree who gives a purple rats date sorta fella I am I gather me lacey bits an put me curls up to give yer a bit of a yarnin :2tsup:
As I have seen many people say on this site, it is just no good without a photo! :D


Wild Dingo
28th Jul 2007, 11:32 PM
Now Donna bubs I gots me rep to think about here... an well that look wouldnt do it any good at all... in fact Id say me rep an cred would go straight down the dunny in a right rush if I took some piccys... and I tell yer what it would scare the feathers of a flat out runnin emu in Darwin from here!! Scarey? Geez the kids would never be the same again... yours that is cause mine are all rather used to my manic troppo ways yours aint and of course neither are you which brings me to the other reason for no piccys... I like you mob and well pics of that would mean Id be all alone on here :C the blokes wouldnt talk to me cause Id make ol Bruthie the ragin queen from the Cross look positively truckie butch and yous sheilas wouldnt talk to me cause well... it would be kinda embarrassing to you to be seen talkin to such a weird manic type whatever git as that one :no:

Sooo no piccys Im afraid me dear... let yer ming do the thunkin an yer imagination do the the dance :U :U :U

29th Jul 2007, 11:40 AM
Guess what Ladies,

W.Dingo esq. is SHY

29th Jul 2007, 07:28 PM
Guess what Ladies,

W.Dingo esq. is SHY

...and taciturn.:rolleyes:

29th Jul 2007, 07:56 PM
:oo: ... goes well with a red leather skirt....???:oo:

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Wild Dingo
29th Jul 2007, 10:21 PM
:oo: ... goes well with a red leather skirt....???:oo:


oooooh yeah!! :2tsup: you know it me red leatherette wearin little minx! :pash: :inlove: :yippy: :rotfl: :laughing1:

Apologize to boofhead... but the debil made me do it!! :;