View Full Version : Off to the shed to play

6th Apr 2008, 09:39 AM
:2tsup:No work today, :2tsup:home alone:2tsup:

Off to squeeze into the workshop and play.


6th Apr 2008, 09:54 AM
This is what I meant by "squeeze" into the shed.:C

6th Apr 2008, 02:56 PM
Don't you mean pole vault?:D:D:D

6th Apr 2008, 04:18 PM
.COOL...hey...I enlarged the picture & think I could definitely get some serious playtime in your shed.....not going to take a snap of mine...decided as it is daughters birthday wednesday...need to make something, started this morning....half way there.....
hey...we all get our sheds seriously messy but that's the beauty of it...we're allow too....LOL.....
who's going to complain.....mate...???
....I like Ed to come back & help me tidy it too....!!!
...Ed was a carpenter...(novice)...but not in the class or raising from the dead.....& don't even think he would turn over in his grave to see "our shed" messy now....But I am sure he's watching me enjoy myself....I even chat to myself...about how off with the kids I get....how annoyed at my family I am....& how much I really enjoy my woodworking friends.......you know I don't think he listens to me sometimes....but I am sure that's because he probably needs new hearing aide batteries.....LOL...actually hope he's watching some of you guys....he loved turning...was just starting to play around with it....
Anyway enjoy your shed...whether you jump in....crawl in....squeeze in.......just get in and enjoy.....as much as you can....Bugger the house work bugger the garden, leave that for tomorrow....its sunday & i get as much time as I like in the shed!!!! You should too!

6th Apr 2008, 08:37 PM
:pDont think i would be game to pole vault into the shed, might just impale myself on something!

Dont think i could work half as fast as you Kerry, took me all day on my little "challenge" piece today and not half finished yet. Mind you I do spend a lot of time scratching head and trying to make up my mind which way to go about things. (definitely NOT A decision maker) Actually surprised that I have already decided what I am making at this stage of the game, thought it would be a decision made in last few days before it was due:roll:

And put off the housework till Monday? :no::doh:I am back to the shed again tomorow:qHousework can wait.:2tsup:


6th Apr 2008, 08:42 PM
Sorry Donna, but I think I still beat you on lack of floor space! (hopefully not for much longer, but your shed has much better headroom!)

Still, I like it a lot - well used, and being used!