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  1. Lathe is finished plus three point steady

    Quote Originally Posted by fozz View Post
    Gday Folks,

    After much help from Sam-Q, NeilS, Paul39, Uncle Al, Old Croc, pjt, BobL, Mobyturns, and hughie, the Omega Lathe I've been restoring in these two threads, and is now finally finished.

    Guys, you all have a generosity that is limitless, patience in abundance, and a willingness to help that is inspiring. Without your help over these last few months I would still have a boat anchor in the garage instead of a lathe that is everything I'd imagined it would be and for that I can't thank you enough.

    Since last posting I still wasnt happy with the rev range so I sourced a step pulley from AA Bearings in Nunawading that gives me a 4 gear range of,

    at 10hz the speeds are 58, 132, 245, 424 and
    at 70hz the
  2. Identifying a lathe.

    Quote Originally Posted by fozz View Post
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	$T2eC16F,!)cFIcDTIogfBSWMZn1WRg~~60_57.jpg 
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ID:	301700Click image for larger version. 

Name:	$T2eC16d,!zMFIdF85WeWBSWMYCGKD!~~60_57.jpg 
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Name:	$T2eC16VHJHoFGlV-ekvzBSWMZHHcpQ~~60_57.jpg 
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    Good evening folks,

    I'm wondering if any of you knows what brand this lathe may be and what age it my be.
    Any information will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

  3. thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by azzrock View Post
    pdw thanks again for your offers and you incite regarding the lathe backing plates. very helpful.

    you see i have 1 backing plate now and i was thinking of trying to buy some of these that popoed up on the ebay
    Faceplate Backing Plate Blank Metal Lathe Milling | eBay
    besides that i can still ring mick mollies and a few others.
    Do you have a shaper? If you do the keyway is the least of your worries.. If you
    get stuck I can lend you a broach, I have every size up to 1". And bushes to match.
    Although as stated above you would need to make a custom bush.

  4. Any Wood Turners in Eastern Suburbs Melb??

    Quote Originally Posted by Simplicity View Post
    Hi DSEL74
    When did u need the handles and how many
    I maybe able to help out in about 4 weeks time

    I just realised I really should supply some file handles for the backsaw making workshop for safety so will need about 20 of those just small functional items.

    I would like to make up an awl to use for marking where to drill the saw nuts off the templates and a sample gents saw handle as to what other saws can be made. These I'd like to be a little nicer so I can keep them as a memento.

    I also have a handful of chisels and a few files I personally need handles for since I get my tools at the flea markets on a budget.
  5. Myturn sl7

    Well here is my Sundays efforts
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