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Dirty Doogie

  1. Diversion # 3 - obsession with glossy trims

    Of my list of 137 jobs to be completed before putting this project on the market - I have successfully completed 4 of them - with another 3 in various stages of progress.

    Many of these jobs involve getting very smooth glossy paint finishes on interior trims and take a fair bit of preparation.

    Why am I obsessed by getting things glossy and glass like? One day I nearly killed myself spraying nitro cellulose on the kitchen trims.

    I am on a strange little obsessive trip me thinks. - Or am I ??

    As a younger man I spent some time in the USA (UCLA) studying. A female I was interested in was a real estate consultant in Santa Monica. She would walk into a renovated house and within 1 second say - "its a dump! Look at this!"

    She wiped her hand over the architrave - "they did this on the cheap - feel how rough it ...
  2. surf club diversion

    This morning I spray painted the panel of windows - and the paint frizzed up in crinkles - the first coat wasnt dry enough - now have to wait a few days, sand it back. spray it again.

    I'll be down at the surf club all weekend if anyone wants me LOL
  3. Sometimes it seems all too hard !! 14/09/07

    Just once I wish that I could do in a day all the things that I planned to do in a day. Everything takes much longer than I want it to GRRR!!

    This house reno is almost finished (I thought) so I made a final list of jobs and time estimates, to get it ready to sell. I ended up with 137 jobs to do with a total hourage of 480 hours. How many normal working weeks is that?

    The first job was to assemble a sliding panel of timber windows, finish it and hang it on the exterior wall - Estimated work time 12 hours over 3 days - in reality it has now been about 8 hours over a week and its still not painted and the entire 200 kg panel is still lying on its side on my workbench preventing me from using the work bench for any other job - GRRRRRRRRRR!

    I had 4 guys from the building site, lined up to help me install it, but now I wont see them again until week after ...