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  1. Snake Tails or should that be Tales

    Old fella's tail/tale time

    Other than been taken to see The Old Snake man at La-Perouse when we first arrived in Australia, my uncle was an avid nature man he had a collection a managery? in his yard and home in Riverwood back in the 60's. Nothing for him to walk in and drop a snake on your lap.

    1st personal inst
    Just after moving into the area of Green Valley 1964 strode out the back door to be greeted by not one but two Red Belly Black snakes I was about 7yrs.

    Dad grabbed the broom swished them off the back step and the shovel came down on one while he thought he'd have a go at the old whip it and snap it, when he'd caught the 2nd one.

    Now dad's a pom 5'8" been in Oz just 3 yrs but he'd been shown by pro's how to, trouble is they'd shown him with snakes shorter than they were, where as the one he'd picked up was just ...