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    Quote Originally Posted by BobL View Post
    We also should bear in mind that super flatness only gets a woodworker so far.
    I encourage you to try lapping a plane to be very flat, the 'feel' is very different and the performance is at least a quantum better with less blow outs, tearing and other end-of-cut/end-grain type problems.

    If you decide to do so and need details beyond what I provided in the other thread please let me know, science must be reproducible if it's to be credible.
    Innovations are those useful things that, by dint of chance, manage to survive the stupidity and destructive tendencies inherent in human nature.

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    thanks Rob, I haven't used a hand plane to flatten anything for about a decade so I fear it would take me too long to "get the feel again". I don't really know when I can see myself flattening a board with a plane as my mind seems too distracted by other stuff like metal working and electronics. Still makes for interesting reading.

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    As first year apprentices, we were supplied with a brand spanking new tool kit. After careful instruction and demonstrations we were set the task of "tuning" our instruments of torture. This included chisel honing and plane fettling. Before embarking on the plane odyssey we were encouraged to give the plane a test run in it's original condition. That was fifty years ago and I can still distinctly remember the difference between the original issued plane and the same plane after a thorough fettle.

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