I have 2 really, really, really special deals for members. Could make for a few cheap Christmas Presents.

Regular Price $35.85
This cream is a bit runny rather than semi solid and as such we can't send it to our distributors as it could create more problems on the shelf and in transport than it's worth.

It is runny because our 25 kg bags of shellac were under weight bu a couple of kg and it didn't get picked up until after we had done a large batch of the cream.

However.... Just because it's runny doesn't mean it won't work. It does work, but not only does it work, it works brilliantly its' only problem is, that it may leak out of the top of the jar if not properly attended to.

All jars are Induction sealed so should travel fine without leaking. Inside the lid is a silver covered cardboard wad that will stop any leakage if the foil is kept clean and the lid screwed down tight after use. If the cream gets onto the foil and isn't wiped off or if the jar isn't stored in an upright position then IT WILL LEAK!!! If it leaks there will be an unholy mess that will be hard to clean up.

Regular Price $34.65

The Aussie oil is perfect in almost every way it works perfectly as it always does. However the bottles all have a few tiny little black bits in them which ere from some burned shellac on the drive on the drive shaft of our high speed, sheer mixer, which overheated during a ling run. Rather than empty all the already labelled bottles and throw them out I have decided to sell them at half price.

The oil works brilliantly as it should. You may get a black speck on the rag which could scratch the surface of the work but the speck(s) can be easily removed with a flick of your fingernail.

Both of these problems with the Cream and the Oil are a major problem for me but a major windfall for forum members who have a use for either or both of these products

We have never sold either of these products this cheap before - Not even to our distributors.

If you want to buy please send me a PM with your requirements and I'll get back to you.

Cheers - Neil
PS Don't anyone bother reporting this as spam as I have already reported it and had approval from the forum owner.