I was visited by about a dozen architecture students yesterday. It turned out that most of them were Asians. They were interested in my timber, specifically Gympie Messmate and the sawmill. They don't have wood as hard and as heavy as my GM.I said I would show them how it operated. Usually I do this with an assistant who operates the tractor while I operate the mill but today, I had to do it all myself. To do it, I have to start the tractor, engage the mill and the saw, climb down from the tractor, climb over the sawmill's sliding table, operate the mill and single handedly saw the wood into dimensions, when that it done, I climb over the mill again, mount the tractor and turn everything off. Once I had done it all, they broke into spontaneous applause. I was a bit shocked as it is relatively normal for me but they must have been impressed with the whole show, the wood,the sawmill, and even the shed I built myself with my wood. I donated a few pieces of wood to them and they left happily.
I stayed in the mill and did a bit of tidying up and was barely listening to the radio where there was some pretentious gratuitous crap being broadcast as usual. Next came on this unannounced piece which I could only just hear. I thought, what is that, and moved closer to the radio and turned it up a little so I could hear it better!? It was extraordinary. I had never heard it before and was taken in. It only lasted a short time and then the announcer said it was a Busoni piano arrangement of Bach's "Rejoice Good Christians". Permit me to say in the shock of the moment my thought, it was that transcendence is here now and all around us. How any human could write music like that, I do not know. It is unfathomable. Yes,it can be found on the internet.