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    Default Ozito Multi-function tool (cordless)

    Aldi advertised a multi-function tool for 39 Bucks last week. I almost purchased one, 'till I spoke with a mate. He suggested this:

    Cordless Multi Function Tool MFT-012 | Power Tools | Ozito Australia New Zealand

    might be more useful. I agree. He reckons it's the duck's guts. Any other opinions?

    PS: I know it won't be as good as the Fein. It is only 90 Bucks.

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    Cost will be in replacement blades. Blades are not universal across makes, so check what blades are available. Also remember that if they are only for Ozito or the Aldi one that the store could delete the line tomorrow and you may have trouble getting replacements.
    I have a corded Bosch and have not regretted buying it.

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    Default The Ozito.

    Hi Zaphod, & all,
    I waited quite a few weeks for my Corded Ozito Multi Tool $79, @ Bunnys.
    Quite happy with it, but I haven't really put it to the Test yet.
    Bunnys have a Packet of Replacement Blades $20, for the Ozito, also Blades for the Bosch, can't remember the price of them, but I'm sure they were a fair bit dearer, & had more Blades as well.
    Have Boards to replace on the house, & Cracked Paint to remove.
    So I'm hoping that The Tool does the job.
    Many years ago I bought a Cordless Dremel. Didn't like top speed, so I put it on 1/2 Speed. Cooked 3 of the 6 Batteries.
    Dremel useless, after that. Will not work on 3 Batteries.
    Not sure if that can happen to your Cordless Multi Tool, but I think I would ask.
    Have Lathe, Wood Travel.

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