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    Default Can I reuse brass tacks when reupholstering?

    I have a couple of tub chairs I got from an antique store.

    they are a wood frame with fabric webbed over the spaces between the fame, the fabric is held on by brass tacks..the chairs are from the sixties.

    would it be wise to apply the new fabric with something more modern (Staples, Glue, etc.) and then put the tacks on just for the "look"

    or will the tacks be good enough..the wood is mahogany.

    I'm worried that if I don't get the tacks back into the holes they came out of it will brake up, soften and mush the mahogany, and the wood won't hold anything the length of the tacks or shorter.


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    If the tacks are sound and straight then I dont see why you cant reuse them.

    Generally renailing (tacking) into the same holes is not a good idea as it doesn't hold as well as nailing a new spot.

    I dont fully understand your explanation but possibly you could staple where its not seen and just use the tacks where you want for the right look. It could well split the wood, particularly if the tacks/ holes are very close. possibly you could stabilise the wood using some epoxy in all the old holes if you are concerned before rebuilding.


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