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Thread: N.Z. Kauri

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    Red face N.Z. Kauri

    Well it's official! After 10 years of collecting every bit of timber i saw and dismaying my land-lord to no end, I have finally broken the chains of surfdom and risked all to venture into the big bad world of the timber tradesmen. I'm sure that once I get my first good night's sleep, there will be much rejoicing..
    Have run into a big Kauri log in my travels(no serious damage) and am unsure what to do with it. I'm sure it would make excellent table tops, but I guess I shouldn't overlook the option of furniture componentry. It's about 1.5mtrs in diameter and about 3 long. Have the ability to slab it or turn it into 8" boards but don't want to turn it into something that is unwanted. Anyone interested? Some advice would be almost as good as a pay check.
    Thanks for your time and all of your help so far in what I'm sure will be a great ride. This forum has been an endless source of advice and inspiration to me and I will be more than happy to look after anyone associated with it.
    Cheers All,

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    Kauri works well as solid table tops, they get GOOD money for them here.

    Sounds like you have access to a swingblade mill and slabber, so you should be able to cut some of each from the log. I would cut some boards off the top then take slabs untill you get get closer to the heart. Cut boards again on either side of the heart, you dont want slabs with the heart in it. Couple more slabs and then make the bottom into boards again.

    1" x whatever kauri boards are allways usefull, but big slabs of it are special



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    Default NZ Kauri

    If its the real McCoy it should be reserved for boat planking . Let me know if you dont want it.

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    confucius say "the wider the board the more a man pay"

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