I have been looking for a load of brush box (I love that timber) for a few weeks to start a bedroom suite. The typical price for select 200 x 25 here in Sydney is from $22 to $25 per lm. That is a bit out of my price range. I could probably get it cheaper from a mill on the North Coast, but I make it a rule to always see my timber before handing over the money.

Yesterday I drove to Nunkeri Timber to buy 30 metres of 200x25 and 4 metres of 100x50. I paid $13.50 per lm for the 200x25, and not much more then that for the 200 x 50 which was supplied in place of the 100x50. This price includes GST. In truth, its probably a bit below select grade - but the owner supplied me with a few metres extra to make up for this - so I probably have comfortably over what I paid for in terms of first grade timber.

Nunkeri Timber is located 30 km from Rylstone in NSW, a long drive but I made a day of it with a bit of trout fishing on the way back. Nunkeri will arrange delivery to Sydney at very low cost. They have lots of interesting North Coast timbers, all sustainably harvested from their own properties, apparently. Most are around the same price as the brush box.

The owner is good bloke, very easy to deal with.

Ps. I have no connection with this company at all - but this is beautiful, sustainably harvested timber at near half-price so I felt I should let everyone know.

To save you the trouble, their phone number is 6379 6224.