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    I'll express a recent experience, that I delivered today. I was asked to make some "L" shaped picture frame material, 8mm thick.

    I was provided with 27ish x 165ish rough sawn American White Oak rift sawn about 1.2 metres long.

    Carefull jointing and thicknessing gave me 24 and a bit, and a straight narrow edge. I split that into 2 x 50 & 2 x 25. I got a sliver left off two boards that will be used in high value items.

    Jointed the short edge and ran the stock through the bandsaw. 2 by about 11 resulted. Then i stacked and restrained the material for a few days so that it would do what I wanted.

    Re machined square and straight. one 44 x 8 the other 23 x 8. the "L" profile ended up 44 x 31 on the outside edge. From each supplied board I got 4 sticks of required profile.

    Do not try this at home!!!

    I was happy with the result, but next time I will use 38mm thick to allow a little more room to move.

    Getting the same profile from Vic Ash was much easier, and quicker.

    There ain't no devil, it's just god when he's drunk!!

    Tom Waits

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    Thanks Enfield Guy

    Not sure how much yield that worked out to by volume but when you are doing intricate things like that it sure is woeful.

    Just finished up this bespoke stand (for an 'Ableton Push.' some kind of electronic music gizmo), started with a 38x140x1200 piece of Qld Maple. Nice features but had to work around the few sappy blotches in it.

    Ended up with 12x115x520 total length times 2 pieces which I calculate down to a miserly 22% yield by volume. Have got one quarter inch panel off the original but man I almost cut it too fine there and nearly regretted trying to resaw with such fine tolerances. There was NO room for error.
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