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    Hi all,
    I just joined the form a couple of weeks ago and to be honest i dont think i have scrolled this far down before. I have been doing searches and reading everthing i can find here on lathes and i think i am more confused now than when i started (even though i have narrowed the choice down to 2, maybe . I am mildly challenged as i crushed my foot 8 yrs ago and after surgery it is about as good as it is going to get. The problem is it rebreaks regularly so i have alot of time of completly no weight bearing and even when it doesnt rebreak, after a days work i am too sore to stand alot. It has taken me along time to find something to do in my spare time (i dont handle inactivity very well at all) but my wife recently bought me a scroll saw and i am loving it. The thing is i want to make pens, ornaments and bowls now to complete the desk sets and things i am making with the saw and i am confused with what way to go. I think i have narrowed it down to either the woodfast midi from Carrols or i have access to an MC1100 second hand (about 3yrs old) completly set up for pens and a nova chuck for $700. My first problem is quality difference between the 2. I cant see myself doing anything big in the forseeable future but is it worth having the ability? Then the obvious is the MC1100 going to be to big for me? There is not point in getting a bargain if i cant use it. I currently have a barstool i use fot the scroll saw that i would want to use for the lathe and i would build a bench to the right height. I dont know anyone else with mobility issues to ask so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    i would go for the woodfast. You will be able to move it around more easily than the mc1100. the woodfast will be more acurate (in terms of roundness - between centres) and this is important considering you want to do pens. and you can always get an extension bed if needed.
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    Hi Mark, welcome to the forum.

    There've been a few threads about turning with leg problems, either on this sub-forum or the turning sub-forum. Maybe do a search.

    One thing that might work for you is a lathe that tilts towards you to improve access when you're propped on a stool. IIRC there's a pic of one version designed by Oneway in Canada to give you the idea. Wouldn't be too hard to adopt the idea using a midi lathe or MC900/1100.

    In terms of the stool, you may find a perch chair more useful for turning; that involves spreading weight between your two feet and your butt. It will give you more stable side to side movement which you need at a lathe.

    Good luck.
    Cheers, Ern

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