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    Default Bevel ripping guide jig

    I noticed a recent post asking if the Bevel ripping guide for the 2000 Workcentre is any good. I had some issues with using it at first, especially when passing the blade/no support zone. I just don't have George Lewin's skill from the DVD!
    So I built a very simple jig and now the guide works perfectly, in an easy, and importantly, reproducible manner. I'd even say the jig makes bevel ripping safer as your hands are well away from the blade.
    I used a piece of 10 mm thick pine ripped to 49 mm wide to match the depression in the middle of the guide so that it slides laterally but has no vertical movement, and stuck 120 grit sandpaper to the top surface of the strip in the same way George suggests for bevel ripping thin pieces. However, I made the strip as long as the guide and drilled holes at intervals along the strip, counter sunk some bolts in those from underneath and added a second strip of pine with holes to go on top (width doesn't matter). The wood to be cut is sandwiched between the 2 strips once tightened with wing nuts. The second piece also has sandpaper on the inner face and tightening the sandwich means the wood to be ripped doesn't move a mm off the fence line, particularly in the blade zone. The added holes enable me to move the central bolt for different sizes of wood and it takes no time to set up. I use it every time I bevel rip and get great results. Not as fancy as many of the jigs you guys come up with but it works! With the addition of such a jig I'd recommmend the guide to any workcentre user. See pics.

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    Hey, great one!

    I haven't used by bevel guide much, the first things I tried to cut were smaller pieces which made my hand to close (and unsupported) to the blade for my liking.

    I'll use your jig idea- good one mate


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    Good idea, I'll make one the next time I need it. Thanks for sharing.
    Cheers, Glen

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    I'll have to remember this!
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    - Andy Mc (AKA "Ghost who posts." )

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