I will get straight to the point. Bought a new style Tritin Super Jaws in mid 2018, in my opinion it is a pile of crap. Blasted thing will not stay clamped to any kind of material I put in there. Have stuffed around checking everything underneath, cleaned the componets, taken the moving jaw off, cleaned its sliding rails, if thats what it is called. Have the metal jaws for welding etc, flat, angle, round, square tube, even wood wont hold tight in there.

Had the original super jaws until last year when some low life walked up my drive and repurposed it, so I am not new to the thing.

What i see wrong with the new one, the moving jaw moves up a few mills when clamping, this causes the bit your clamping to move upwards, round stock is the worst, the adjusting pedal stays down extended, no amount of pushing that will it reset to get extra clamping, on the occasion it does reset, thinking it is going to do what is supposed to do, throw the red switch to lock, and what i have just clamped falls out. Am over it.

Does anyone know if any other product that can be bought in Australia that is similar to this problem immigrant.