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    Default Older Dewalt 744 type 1 Table Saw

    Hi all,
    First post here....have just acquired an older DW 744 type 1 table saw. It is missing the riving knife and safety guard, which according to the parts diagram from Dewalt is part Number 608668-00. Unfortunately they no longer make this part, and did not offer me anything other than to check aftermarket products or auction sales!! I'm not very impressed with their approach, but wondered if anyone knows of a company that makes after market riving knives/safety guards that I could contact?
    Thanks for any help with this.

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    If you know the shape of it, and/or can find a photo or old parts diagram online, there would be no reason you couldn't make one, I would think - most of them that I've seen are just a flat piece of steel with a mounting hole.

    There are several videos on Youtube where folks have made their own, and they might give some better pointers (to be honest, I've never watched one as I have no need)

    It's really just a flat piece of shaped steel - look up the blades you'd like to use on the saw, figure out their kerf, and see if you can find a piece of suitable thickness.

    Hacksaw, file and a drill to make the mounting holes, and you'd be done in an afternoon?

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    It may be available OS.This crowd is good to deal with. It’s not cheap and then you have shipping costs. Send them an email for total cost and availability.

    From the photo, it appears to be just a splitter and not a riving knife. It shouldn’t even too hard to make the splitter as Midnight Man pointed out but the anti kickback pawls and guard are another matter.

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