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    Default Emco Star 2000 Yellow Model Combination tool

    Hi Guys N Gals
    Iam new to this forum long time looker first time user ,So Hi Everybody

    I have a Multi Tool Its an Emco Star 2000 its a yellow model with Table saw,Band saw,Router,and Lathe I have had this tool and many many attachements for it for about 8 years I use it everyday its great I paid AUD $200.00 for it at the time it was in a farmers paddock covered in a tarp prone to all the elements despite that its in very good condition .

    I have that many parts to attach but I dont know where they go the model itself is Bright Yellow and says Emco Star 2000 made in Austria its 240v mains operated (Power point plug in) its not that old by the look of it .

    It has one important tool that is used to loosen the motor to adjust it for other functions the Emco Star has slots in it with pictures (As seen in the pictures) I imagine these are supposed to house buttons or levers to change the belt without opening the tool everytime to swap the belt over (I really dont know) like I said its a great tool and has given me many many hours of enjoyable woodwork.

    Any help about this tool and where to put all the attachments would be greatfully appreciated ..Perhaps a manual .

    I look forward to conversing with you all on all matters related to this forum .

    Thanks in advance

    PS: I have tried to add a picture of the Emco Star I appolagise for my messy shed Iam currently decking it out with workbenches and the like..still making a platform for the Emco Star to work from trying to get the height right to operate the Table Saw,Band Saw /Lathe without it being too high or low to work from I have all the Lathe bits and pieces the Lathe also doubles up as a sander when the face plate is attached.

    Still couldnt get the pictures right but you get the general idea of what Iam talking about if you do a hand stand or have a few beers the pictures will be at the right angle .
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    Swarm , you will have to swivel those pics around in your Pictures folder.

    I'm getting a crook neck .

    Looks like a handy piece of kit

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