I'm considering purchasing one of these now that I've wasted enough time on the old 130 Twin. The guy selling is not really prepared to come down any more, but I'm wondering what people here think, firstly about the welder in general and then on a reasonable price. Apparently the seller had it listed for $900 which was not going to happen. He dropped the price to $750 after no sale in 3 months and has further reduced it a little bit on my inquiry and in light of the distance I'd need to travel.

Some facts:
The welder was first purchased in 2012 but has seen very little use and only using the Gasless Mig function.
It is a long drive from home and back to go get it. It will take a full day.
The 175i is now listed as "Obsolete" on the Cigweld site but I'm not sure since when.
The current model is the 175i+ which can be purchased for $1049 at tool shops or $990 at a well known Industrial supplier.
Interstate there is a well used one for $450 and one that was bought but never used for $800.
Industrial rated machine but 7 years out of the box.
These originally held a 3 year warranty. (Now irrelevant)
Duty Cycle
MIG(GMAW/FCAW): 25% @ 175A, 22.8V(40C, 10mins)
Stick(MMAW): 20% @ 175A, 27.0V(40C, 10mins)
TIG(GTAW): 25% @ 175A, 17.0V(40C, 10mins)

Possible Alternative:
Cigweld Weldskill 185 3in1 is the corresponding DIY/ Trade version of the same size.
Available with 2 years warranty for $612. (4 Payments of $153 on Afterpay)
Duty Cycle
MIG: 10% @ 185A , 23.3V
STICK: 10% @ 160A, 26.4V
TIG: 20% @ 160A, 16.4V

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