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    Default is it ok to use dc inverter welders with a generator?

    Hi, just wondering if running a cigweld 130 dc inverter welder off a generator will harm the electronics of the welding unit? Cheers

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    Hi ,
    My thoughts on this are that it would very much depend upon matching the capacity of the generator to the draw by welding machine.

    A person with an electrical background is much better suited to answer this but for something like a 130 amp welding machine maywell need something like a 4 kilowatt generator to drive it.


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    Default Genset use for inverter welder

    Quote Originally Posted by steadyeddie View Post
    Hi, just wondering if running a cigweld 130 dc inverter welder off a generator will harm the electronics of the welding unit? Cheers

    You can use genset to power a welder if you adhere to three fundamental rules.

    1. You must ensure it has an A.V.R. , this is an automatic voltage regulator and is used to maintain a steady output voltage especially when the load varies constantly. i.e you strike and arc, it loads up then you break the arc and it unloads. Avoid self exciting alterntors......Kabm.

    2. The genset must have sufficient capacity to provide power for the welder, have overhead for power factor most notably a lagging current caused by inductive load and further overhead to allow for efficiency losses. Basically for a machine that can deliver 130 amps output for arc welding you would consider 4.5Kva capacity as the absolute minimum. I would reccommend seeking advice from BOC as to their reccomended size.

    3. If you are going to use an extension lead ensure it has 2.5mm^2 (2.5 square millimetres) cross sectional area of copper within the conductors to avoid voltage drop. Most likely you would need to make one as the 15 amp leads from the big hardware chains contain 1.2mm^2 conductors.

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    A while back I tried out my BOC Smootharc 130 inverter on a cheap-arsed 2kVA Bunnings generator - with a careful strike I was able to weld at about 80-90A.

    I've got to say I never considered whether it was bad for the welder - I've always regarded inverter-style machines (or any switching power supply really) to be highly tolerant of variations in input voltage.

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    It appears as though the minimum recommended generator size is 6kVA. This size would allow the use of 'brushless' generators (poor voltage regulation & poor output waveform).

    See the below image, which comes from
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