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    Question Looking for work...

    New member here! Hello

    I am wondering how to go about chasing up a trade assistant job/apprenticeship (hell, even experience for no money) with cabinetmaking as an adult.

    I have literally called up every government org/group training mob and scoured all the job websites' looking for something... which brings me here!

    I have an interest in woodworking/cabinetmaking as I like to be able to repair/rennovate things around my house, and I know there are some amazing skills I can learn, which will open doors for me in the future and simply give me the confidence in my ability to work with my hands.

    I hope the above doesn't sound like fluff?! Haha.

    I'm 27, live on the North side of Brisbane, QLD.


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    haha, by the replies', I guess it's the same way the job market is at the moment, tough.

    Thanks for looking!

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    hello buddy, sorry that your job search have so far been this unsuccessful. I t is really tough right now and the economy will not be fully recovering any time soon.

    I just want to suggest that if the going gets even tougher, then why not check out local woodwork shops around and apply or simply ask them if they need somebody to stick around or a helping hand.

    At times what you are looking for far away might just be around you waiting for you to come and grab it.

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    if you don't have a problem with travelling or even moving why don't you try some of the mines, not too sure about the mines in qld, xstrata runs mount isa or you could try prominent hill in s.a or olympic dam in s.a, im here at olympic dam at the moment, been here for the last 8 years, moneys great and so are the hours, just that the location is pretty crap.

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