Howdy ... it is designed for low power from a trolling motor.

Two nice letters and media from two builders in the USA ...

Joe Koenecke has a trolling motor of about 50lbs thrust and writes about a day wandering around the local Estuary in the Electric Quick Canoe looking at boats and things. Three people aboard with picnic, some chairs and a small fluffy thing.

He thinks they averaged about 4mph with stops for photographs, general meandering and bucking some serious tide.

In contrast and somewhat against advice, Stephen put a huge outboard on the back of his and takes his video camera

OK ... not huge ... only 2hp ... but the Electric Quick Canoe flies in perfect conditions (video) and he uses a tiller extension so he can sit forward to keep the boat in trim. You would have to be VERY careful .. rougher water or sharp turns at speed could mean a flip. It would probably be quick and efficient with three people aboard without the risk of flight.

But it is valuable in that it shows what happens with very small powerplants if the boat is light and efficient.

Conditions are ideal for a speed run ... and the interesting thing is that fast efficient boats always look like they aren't doing much ... but a couple of times the camera points at the banks of the river to the side and you can see just how fast he is going.

It is similar trying to show the Goat Island Skiff or BETH sailing canoe looking fast ... they ARE fast ... but photos always look like ... another day at the office.