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    Default rotary tool suitable for spindle MDF?

    HI all just about to undertake building a small CNC machine, I have seen people who are staring out cheap like to use the Ozito router from bunnings, but im wondering if the ozito rotary tool is suitable to use as well? i want a rotary tool and would be good to use for the cnc to start with as well. I am only looking at cutting MDF and the odd bit of acrylic now and a little bit of engraving.. Will the rotary tool be sufficient do you think?

    Ozito Australia | Power Tools, Garden Tools, Sold through Bunnings Warehouse

    Above is the one i was looking at.

    Any hints advice appreciated.

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    Probably not suitable for a CNC spindle as they are under powered and the bearing is in a rubber mount so floats a little.

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    depends on how cheep you want to go , if its running all thread drive shafts with nuts , made from MDF , why not , but you will destroy it pretty quick , engraver bit making circuit boards would last a while , but a 12mm bit up to its guts in MDF will blow it in no time at all

    but since a CNC machine is an industrial machine , and ozito's labels all state "not for industrial use " the answer would have to be no ,

    there not made to run for hours on end , ozito's are made to hang on the tool board and to be never used again ( 50% of tools sold ) it would last forever hanging off peg board with a black out line painted behind it

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    I started out with a Dremel rotary tool which was way under powered, Moved up to a full size Makita which had bags of grunt, but was too heavy and quite frightening to use. Next I bought a secondhand GMC trimmer (which is probably comparable to the Ozito)had only been used once and was a nice balance between size and power and although it was noisy and the shaft had a lot of end float, it served me well for some time. Then I discovered that Makita die grinders could be bought for less than $100. I bought an 1/8" collet as well which cost an extra $25 or so and use 1/4 and 1/8 shank bits which are readily available. It was easy to mount, powerfull enough & quieter and more precise than it's predecessor. If needed I can probably find you the part number.

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