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    Default ROK Product Service

    Just a quick one to give a positive review for customer service.

    I recently purchased a ROK Scroll Saw. Being secondhand it didn't come with a
    user manual. I tried the ROK web site but no downloadable manuals. I took a chance
    and sent their support team an email at 8 o'clock at night and asked if their was one
    available to download somewhere. I got a response before 8am the next morning with
    a scanned copy of the manual as an attachment. They didn't have to help as the product
    was not purchased new, but it didn't seem too much trouble.

    So much poor customer service these days, just thought a positive experience deserved
    a mention.



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    I have several ROK products,- a Combo Belt / disc Sander, and a 14.4 volt cordless drill. Both bought brand new. Quality wise,- good compared to numerous other similar-priced Made-in-China power tools. Product Service,- Good too. Had one breakdown with the Belt / Disc sander when the Drivebelt snapped,- after about six months of good general useage,- A replacement belt was sent from the Brisbane H/O as none were available in SA. Took about five days to show up in the mail,- Cost,- $14.95 including express post.
    The Cordless drill's batteries were slowly,"dying," on me, as they wouldn't hold charge like they were supposed too, so since everything was still under warrenty I received a new pair of batteries last week, and sent the old pair back,- no questions asked, which is good.
    Normally I buy the more expensive, & higher quality Bosch; Makita; Hitachi, types of power tools, therefore in comparison, am quite surprised in the product quality, and service supply for the ROK brand, and, " Yes," will am interested in buying more of their products as time goes by.

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