Finally got a nice cool day for a change, only 41C.
So I thought I would start cleaning up my Hercus 9 and try and keep the missus happy.

I Couldn't Resist And The Missus.............

When I bought her home ( The lathe) in March last year, I had to dismantle her to get her off the trailer and stacked the parts on an obsolete hospital bed, 6 month later I transferred to a different department at work so bought home my bench that I originally took there because it was too big for my shed.
For some reason the missus is keeps hinging about 2 lathes, a hospital bed and a bench on the back veranda, strange woman.

Now the questions start.

1, Is there any degreaser that will not kill lawn?
Hopefully available in central Aust.

2, After I strip it back to bare metal, primed with a kill rust primer, any further steps before painting?

3, Where can I get Vista Green paint from and how much is needed for a lathe?

I am going to Alice for a weekend in a couple of weeks time, so need to have my shopping list ready.

Couple pics to keep every one happy.

DSC_0136.jpg DSC_0134.jpg
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